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A pleasure to assist

Some of my recent work involved assisting Tyree Cooper with the promotion for the latest track release from Chicago Vinyl Records Digital. The track entitled Tyree feat. Esther Bertram - Planet B is due for official release on 30th March 2023.

Work involved planning, scheduling, creating digital content, working collaboratively with Tyree Cooper at all stages including the upload of the track to DistroKid. It's a real 'learn as you go' process, but I'm finding it very interesting! And I am obviously thankful for the opportunity to work alongside someone with as much respect in the House Music community as Tyree Cooper.

I've also discovered that the digital music marketplace is not only huge, but highly competitive! Did you know that there were 38 million tracks on music streaming services that were not played at all in 2022? This is according to an article on the website Music Business Worldwide. That's crazy right?

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